URGENT: How can you help the children who have been separated from their parents?

The lead attorneys from the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law will be having site visits to interview the detained children as allowed under Flores.   One such visit is occurring from July 11-12, 2018, at Southwest Key Casa Padre Facility in Brownsville, Texas, on July 12-13  where approximately 1,000 children are being held. However, the attorneys will only have two days and 9-12 hours per day to do so. Every interview takes approximately one hour, which means that they will need approximately sixty attorneys, plus interpreters. They need interpreters who speak indigenous Central American languages as well as Spanish and other languages around the world (last week the team needed a Punjabi speaker while interviewing a child at one of the Border Patrol stations). Additionally, the team is also seeking volunteer pediatric medical and therapeutic professionals who can volunteer to provide support onsite both days.  These interviews will allow the team to document who these children are, where they are located, who their parents are, and as much as the children can recall of where and when they were separated from their parents so that the team can provide that information to the court and seek their prompt reunification with their families.

These site visits are ongoing, so if you cannot help from July 11-12 but would like to be added to the list of potential volunteers, please complete this form. If your professional and/or linguistic expertise is needed for a site visit, someone from the team of attorneys will contact you. If you would like to support this effort financially, please help pay the travel expenses of volunteers through the GoFundMe campaign here, or donate directly to RAICES and/or the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law both of which are on the frontlines with these children and families all day, every day.