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President’s Message

Welcome to the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association.

My name is Maria del Pilar “Maya” Zegarra. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and I am honored to serve as the 2019-2020 Maryland Hispanic Bar Association President.

The Maryland Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA) is a non-profit organization consisting of Latinx legal professionals and supporters of the Latinx community throughout the State of Maryland. As attorneys, we have the responsibility to make a difference in our community. MHBA is committed to remaining vigilant to protect the rights of minorities, advocating for the nomination of qualified attorneys who are cognizant of Latinx issues to the bench, and advancing the profession through service to the community.

My main goals for this year are the following: First, I plan to provide more value to our membership by increasing education and networking opportunities for MHBA members. This will increase the value of MHBA membership and attract new members. Second, I want to focus on increasing the role of MHBA within Maryland by fostering and growing connections with other organizations. As the Latinx community grows in Maryland and around the country, we play a particular role as a minority bar organization.

I look forward to another productive and amazing MHBA year. I welcome your suggestions, ideas, or questions.

Maria del Pilar “Maya” Zegarra, Esq
Maryland Hispanic Bar Association, President