The Maryland Lawyer Assistance Program

The Lawyer Assistance Program gave me a life worth living… once I understood it was truly a confidential group and that I was able to be honest- that honesty put me on a road to recovery and gave me a life filled with love, happiness and joy– I chased those 3 emotions in endless bottles; and instead found them in LAP” Anonymous

As the managing partner of a large firm, the Lawyer Assistance Program helped me handle a very difficult situation.” Anonymous

The Maryland Lawyer Assistance Program has assisted thousands of Maryland Lawyers and can provide assistance in any state you reside. The Program is completely confidential; therefore, No one will know if you have used the program, and you will not know if a colleague has used it either.

We are committed to providing free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law school students by offering virtual or in-person assessment, referral, short-term counseling, and continued support. If you are ever concerned about another lawyer you can make an anonymous referral to The Lawyer Assistance Program. The Lawyer Assistance Program offers financial assistance for Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment.

For Toll-Free Confidential Help call 1-888-388-5459