Rebeka Bautista

Thorough and compassionate describe Rebeka Bautista and her approach to injury law. From childhood, Rebeka was intent on becoming an attorney, a decision solidified during her work as a paralegal when she saw the need for lawyers in the Spanish-speaking community. “I wanted to help people, and what better way than to use my language skills.”

Rebeka takes great pride in her ability to forge trusting connections with her clients. She works to establish a good rapport from the initial client meeting, because doing so paves the path for clear and regular communication going forward. Knowing that those who seek a personal injury lawyer are often concerned with both physical and financial stressors, Rebeka is motivated to structure their cases in ways that obtain the fairest, most positive outcome.

Prior to joining Stein Sperling, Rebeka was an associate at a law firm in Rockville, Maryland. There she worked with Spanish-speaking clients on a variety of cases including immigration. She is particularly proud of helping a domestic violence victim gain asylum for herself and her children.