MHBA Featured in Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) Bulletin

Tell Us About…The Maryland Hispanic Bar Association

NOTE: This is another “Tell Us About…” column, wherein a local or specialty bar president is invited to tell our members about his/her association. For this month’s column, I invited Jessica Quincosa, Esq., President of the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association, to tell us about that organization. – Hon. Harry C. Storm, MSBA President

As president of the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA), I am honored that Judge Storm has offered me the opportunity to be a guest columnist so I can share a brief history of the MHBA and our events.

The MHBA was formed in 1993 by Mayda Colon Tsaknis, who wanted an organization that would connect and support Hispanic attorneys while advocating for the Hispanic community. Mrs. Colon Tsaknis personally reached out to local attorneys, and through their hard work, the organization was formed.

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