Maryland Hispanic Bar Association Passes Resolution in Favor of Question 4 in the State Referendum

Contact: Jessica Chipoco

Maryland Hispanic Bar Association Passes Resolution in Favor of Question 4 in the State Referendum

(Rockville, MD,  November 1, 2012) – The Board of Directors of the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association passed a unanimous resolution today in favor of Question 4 pertaining to In-State Tuition in next week’s statewide referendum.  Question 4 pertains to the availability of in-state tuition rates for eligible Maryland high schoolers and veterans for community and four-year colleges, provided they can show attendance and graduation from a Maryland high school.  While the law applies uniformly to all students regardless of their immigration status, the measure will certainly help undocumented Maryland families with children seeking higher education in the State, as well as veterans.  The law provides that students qualifying for in-state tuition under this law, however, will not be counted as in-state students for purposes of counting enrollment.

“I am very happy that our Board of Directors has embraced this issue with unanimous support,” said the association’s President, Jessica Chipoco.  “This law is not about immigration reform or giving undue privileges to undocumented students; it’s about fairness.  We have Maryland teens and young adults that have lived here their whole lives, who want to contribute to society, who want to seek higher education, and they should not have to pay triple what other Maryland students pay to go to the same college.”  The fate of these students and Question 4 will ultimately be decided by voters next Tuesday.

About the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA)
The Maryland Hispanic Bar Association is a non-profit professional organization that serves the public interest by cultivating the science of jurisprudence and, among other mandates, promoting reform in the law and judicial procedure on behalf of the Hispanic/Latino community; facilitating the administration of justice; and, providing a forum for the consideration of issues and resolutions of concern to the members of the legal profession. The Association conducts open Board of Directors meetings every third Tuesday of the month at various locations around the State. Further information on the MHBA can be found on Facebook and at .

Jessica Chipoco, Esq.