In Solidarity

Like so many in our community and around the world, the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association* was deeply shocked and saddened once again by the death of George Floyd, a non-threatening, detained African American man while in police custody.

The MHBA’s mission includes serving the public interest by cultivating the science of jurisprudence and promoting reform in the law and judicial procedure, and, as such, we stand with those fighting for justice and equality. Our organization embraces the American values of diversity, supports inclusivity, and opposes discrimination and racism wherever it manifests. The MHBA denounces the continued injustice and discrimination faced by many of our African American brothers and sisters.

The MHBA is encouraged by the peaceful protests, and continued conversations about change and reform in our culture. We call on our leaders and elected officials to address the systemic inequalities and prejudices infecting our public institutions so that individuals and families are treated fairly and with dignity when they encounter law enforcement.

In solidarity,

MHBA Board